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Hunan Sinda Elevator Co.,ltd is a professional elevator manufacturer, focusing  on the R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance of elevator and Stereo garage; designing, development , manufacturing ,sales of industrial automatic control system and precision sheet metal. Its manufacture base locates in Xiangying Industrial Park , Xiangying city ,Hunan province, China ,covering an area of 33334 M2. Our headquarter is located in Changsha and own colleagues over bachelors degree 130 person, including top degree engineers 10 person, doctors 8 person  bachelor 112 person.  The registered capital is RMB 5.3 million. Xinda has the A-level qualification certificate issued by General Administration and of Quality Supervision for elevator manufacturing, installation, modernization and maintenance.

Hunan Sinda( Original Hunan Fuji Elevator Co.,Ltd ) is developed on the base of Chansha xiangji Automatic Control

System, According to the requirements of company development. With many years’ technology accumulation, Sinda strives to make international top technology of manufacturing elevator into our products, fully taking advantage of local technology, resources, labor.

In Mar. 2011, enterprise shareholding reforming finished. and successfully list on the Tianjing Stock Equity Exchange with the code: 830937 (Technology of Changsha xiangji Automatic Control System resources integration of capital and technology,  Equipemnts and production advantage of Changsha XingAo Mechatronics, and cash and resources from Building bank international ) These resources Integration supply strong basis for Hunan Sinda Elevator Co.,ltd growing a real elevator designing and production centre.

According to the specific requirements of market, Sinda launched “HFJ” Series products, and formed products structure to meet customers’ diversified demand, covering Passenger elevator, Residential Lift, Home-Use elevator, Machine Room less elevator, Goods lift, Panorama lift, hospital elevator. Auto-walkway, Escalator, Hydraulic elevator, Service lift, Motor Vehicle lift.  By high reliable electronic sensor covering whole control system, Microprocessor of prepared self diagnosis procedure and backup system, collecting data communication from high speed CPU. Sinda increases reliability of every accessories connection;  VVVF fm electronic driving technology and Sinda power semiconductor technology make Sinda elevator functions much more perfect, performance much more stable, safety much more reliable ,more comfortable, saving-energy, performing higher efficiency. Decoration and styles of elevators becomes rich and perfect. The whole procedure implements strict Quality Control System from designing, purchasing, manufacturing, inspection, and delivery, which makes every delivered elevator with 100% customers’ satisfaction quality.

Sinda elevator makes great contribution to China real state and takes Chinese people elevator safety and convenience as our great responsibility. This mission forces us to do better.  Following our development, extending oversea market is the necessary step for us. Now, we strive to let oversea people know our brand ,service and let them enjoy our products and service.

We value and cherish talents, and deeply understand the talents’ importance to one company and company can be only existed under innovation. Only Continuous innovation can make company growing.  At the beginning of company establishment, we pay careful attention of innovation idealism into our management details. Following the latest idealism of international elevator development, Xinda devotes a lot of Human resource, material and cash into founding and researching of smart environment-friendly elevator and cordless elevator and so on. These works make Hunan Sinda elevator Co.,Ltd existing as a supplier of elevator complex solution instead of a simple factory. We fulfill the eventual target “becoming the elevator technique R&D L centre at home and abroad”.

Following the business concept: “Technology First, Quality First, Service First, relying on modern management system and continuous innovation management philosophy and service tenet, Sinda will come into a much boarder development space in elevator area.

Pls pay attention when you take the elevator

1,Be careful by elevator.

2,Please attend your children

3,Please do not horse round

4,Stand on right

5,Stand firmly

6,Keep sweep away from step

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